Package Manager

Note that, a package manager must have a powerful help info :)


Here some options:

npm config set registry --global

CLI Commands

Here’s a cheatsheet of NPM:

Command Description
npm *
help-search Search npm help documentation
help Get help on npm
docs Docs for a package in a web browser maybe
repo Open package repository page in the browser
bin Display npm bin folder
bugs BUgs for a package in a web browser maybe
config Manage the npm configuration files
doctor Check your environments
explore Browser an installed package
init Create a package.json file
install Install a package
link Symlink a package folder
ls List installed packages
restart Restart a package
root Display npm root
run-script Run arbitray package scripts
search Search for packages
start Start a package
stop Stop a package
test Test a package
uninstall Remove a package
version Bump a package version

Run npm <command> -h to show a brief info.

Configuring npm

Item Description
folders Folder Structures Used by npm
npmrc The npm config files
package-lock.json A manifestation of the manifest
package-locks An explanation of npm lockfiles
package.json Specifics of npm’s package.json handling
shrinkwrap.json A publishable lockfile